• Milk Rice or Pol Roti

Fruit of the season (juice / smoothie / fruit platter )

Katta Sambol

Fish Curry or Beef Curry or Chicken Curry

Fresh Home made Yogurt

Tea or Coffee

  •  String Hoppers or Pittu

Fruit of the season (juice / smoothie / fruit platter)

Pol Sambol or Lunumiris

Potato Curry or Dhal Curry or Kiri Hodi

Fish Curry or Beef Curry or Chicken Curry

Fresh Home made Yogurt

Tea or Coffee

LKR. 750.00 per person


  • English Breakfast

Fruit of the season (juice / smoothie / fruit )

Fresh /Toast Bread

Eggs of your choice (Boiled, Scrambled, Fried, Omelet,) Sausages

Butter, Jam and Marmalade

Accompanied by a Sri Lankan Specialty Breakfast dish

Fresh Home made Yogurt

Tea or Coffee


LKR 1000.00 per person

  • Continental Breakfast

Fruit of the season (juice / smoothie / fruit platter)

Fresh /Toast Bread

Eggs of your choice (Boiled, Scrambled, Fried, Omelet)

Butter, Jam and Marmalade

Fresh Home made Yogurt

Tea or Coffee

                                                            LKR 750.00 per person

  • Light Breakfast

 Bowl of Cereal with Milk and fruit

Hot chocolate

LKR 550.00 per person


All Prices are subject to 10% service charge


traditional sri lankan Rice and curry


Sri Lankan Authentic Rice and curry

 Red or White steamed Rice with one Meat /fish item

(Fish / Chicken / Pork / Beef )

One fresh Salad or Mallung (Green )

Vegetable and Pulse (Dhal /Mung bean / Chickpeas)

Mixed Papadam / Red Chillies / Fried Dry Fish / Sprats


LKR 1000.00 per person



Savory Rice 

  • Biriyani

Chicken Masala and Boiled Egg

Mint Sambol and Mango Chutney
Pineapple   and Tomato Onion Salad

LKR   950.00 Per person

  •  Nasi Goreng

A spicy Buttered Rice Combination of

Chicken, Beef, Fish, Prawns, Cuttlefish & Fried Egg on top.


LKR   1000.00 Per person


All Prices are subject to 10% service charge


 WESTERN   DISHES ( For Lunch or Dinner)

Soup - Select One Item

Cream of Potato | Chicken & Egg | Cream of Vegetable | Tomato Soup |

Cream of chicken | Pumpkin | Garlic

Main Course -Select One Item

 Beef Steak | Grilled Pepper Steak | Grilled Chicken | Grilled Fish

Roast pork | Crumbed Fish

 Sauce – Select one Item

 BBQ | Butter | Pepper | Garlic | Chilie | white |

Select one Item

 Mashed Potato | French Fries | Boiled Potato

Select one Item

Grilled Tomato | Boiled Vegetables | Fresh (Vinegar )Salad |Coleslaw

Select one Item

Fresh Bread & Butter | Garlic Toast

Dessert   and Tea or Coffee

LKR. 1750.00 per person


  • Mixed Grill

Chicken | Sausage | Beef | Pork | Fried Egg | Bacon

with French Fries and Grilled Vegetables

 LKR. 1500.00 per person


  • Sea Food Platter

Crumbed Fish | Battered Fried Prawns | Grilled Cuttlefish

With French fries and fresh Salad

LKR. 2000.00 per person

All Prices are subject to 10% service chargeSANDWICHES

Served with French fries and Tomato ketchup.

Grilled Club

Chicken, Ham, Egg and cheese served with Hand cut Chunky Chips & Salad

LKR රැ. 1000.00

  • Cheese Toast
  • Cheese & Tomato in white bread
  • Bacon and Egg Grilled in white bred

LKR රැ. 850.00

  • Chicken in white bread
  • Tuna in brown bread
  • Egg Mayo in White/Brown bread
  • Cheese & Tomato in white bread
  • Veggie’s in Grilled white bread

LKR රැ. 500.00

  • Vegetable Sandwich
  • Cucumber Sandwich

LKR රැ. 400.00






LKR. per person

Spaghetti Bolognese                                            750.00

Spaghetti Carbonara                                            750.00

Plain boiled Buttered Spaghetti                         400.00


LKR. per person

Macaroni with       ( Pork or chicken )                   750.00

Macaroni with       ( Sea Food )                              900.00

Macaroni in Cheese Sauce                                     800.00

Macaroni Salad                                                        450.00



LKR. per person

Steamed Rice (Basmathi)                                      350.00

Par-Boiled Rice (Samba)                                       250.00

Egg Fried Noodles  / Rice                                      475.00

Chicken Fried Noodles   / Rice                              650.00

Vegetable Fried Noodles / Rice                             400.00

Mixed Fried rice/ noodles                                      900.00


All Prices are subject to 10% service charge


   (Minimum two people)

Chicken / Fish / Sausages / pork / Egg

BBQ Sauce

Fresh Salad / Potatoes

Toasted Bread / Fried Rice or Noodles


Tea or coffee.

LKR. 3500.00 per person


Cost per person for additions of

Prawns             LKR. 400.00

Cuttle fish       LKR. 300.00





Per Plate LK

Plain   Omelet                                                                     250.00

Sri Lanka Omelette                                                           300.00

Cheese Omelet                                                                   600.00



Potato Fries

Per Plate LK

French Fries                                                                         475.00

Hand Cut Chunks                                                                550.00



All Prices are subject to 10% service charge


Fresh Fruit Salad and Ice cream

Assorted Jelly with Ice Cream

Fruit Platter

Cream Delight

Ice Cream mix - (Chocolate, Vanilla)



Marshmallow pudding with chocolate Sauce


LKR. 475.00 per person

 All Prices are subject to 10% service charge


Hot Drinks

Mug of Hot Chocolate                                                 LKR 390.00

Nescafe                                                                           LKR 200.00

Cup of Tea / Coffee                                                      LKR 200.00

Pot of Tea / Coffee                                                       LKR 450.00

Glass of Fresh Milk                                                LKR 200.00

(8 hour notice)

Tea /Coffee without milk                                           LKR 100.00


Cold Drinks

Iced Tea                                                                        LKR 200.00

Milk Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla)                             LKR 490.00

Iced Coffee                                                                  LKR 175.00


Fresh Juices

Anoda (Sour sap)                                                       LKR 150.00

Watermelon/ Pineapple                                           LKR 250.00

Lime                                                                              LKR 250.00

Papaya / Mango ( Seasonal)                                    LKR 350.00



 Ginger Beer          300ml                                     LKR 250.00

Cream Soda          300ml                                     LKR 250.00

Orange Crush      300ml                                     LKR 250.00

Soda                    300ml                                        LKR 150.00

Coca Cola            (Mega)                                      LKR 550.00

Sprite                  (Mega)                                       LKR 550.00

Soda         (Mega)                                                  LKR 275.00

Mineral Water (small)                                         LKR  100.00

Mineral Water (Large)                                         LKR 200.00

All Prices are subject to 10% service charge


Per Plate LKR

Sweet & Sour Chicken                                     LKR    750.00

Sizzling Chicken                                               LKR    825.00

Devilled Chicken                                              LKR    700.00

Chicken Curry                                                   LKR    650.00

Roasted Half Chicken                                      LKR  1,500.00

Roasted Full Chicken                                       LKR 3,000.00



Per Plate LKR

Devilled Beef                                                        LKR  950.00

Beef Curry                                                             LKR  850.00

Fried Beef with Onions                                       LKR  850.00

Sizzling Beef                                                          LKR  900.00



Per Plate LKR

Devilled Pork                                                         LKR 950.00

Pork Red Curry                                                      LKR 750.00

Pork Black Curry                                                    LKR 750.00

Sizzling Pork                                                           LKR 900.00


Per Plate LKR

Sizzling Prawns                                                         LKR 1000.00

Sweet & Sour Prawns                                              LKR 1000.00

Devilled Prawns                                                       LKR 1000.00

Curried Prawns                                                        LKR   900.00

Battered Fried Prawns                                           LKR 1000.00

Fried whole Prawn                                                  LKR 1000.00


Per Plate LKR

Sizzling Cuttlefish                                                      LKR 900.00

Hot Butter Cuttlefish                                                LKR  900.00

Devilled Cuttlefish                                                     LKR 900.00

Curry Cuttlefish                                                          LKR 750.00



Fish Curry                                                                 LKR 750.00

Sweet & Sour Fish                                                   LKR 800.00

Devilled Fish                                                            LKR 800.00

Fried Fish                                                                  LKR 900.00


All Prices are subject to 10% service charge


                                                   Per Person

Vegetable Soup                                                        LKR 350.00

Cream of Tomato Soup                                           LKR 350.00

Chicken Soup                                                            LKR 450.00

Beef with Tomato Soup                                           LKR 450.00

Seafood Noodles Soup                                              LKR 675.00

Prawns Soup                                                               LKR 475.00

Mushroom Soup                                                        LKR   300.00

Pumpkin Soup                                                            LKR 350.00



Per Plate

Been Salad                                                                   LKR 375.00

Tomato & Onion Green Chilies Salad                    LKR 375.00

Tomato & Cucumber Salad                                      LKR 300.00

Mixed Salad Vinegar Based                                      LKR 350.00

Coleslaw                                                                        LKR 400.00

Egg Salad                                                                       LKR 450.00


 Chicken & Ham Salad

Bacon | Chicken | Lettuce & mixed salad| Tomatoes

Avocado Seasonal | Onions In Creamy Mustered dressing


LKR රැ. 900.00

 Sea Food Salad

Fish flacks, Cuttlefish & Prawns marinated in Soya Sauce & Grilled

Served with fried mixed Salad with Tomatoes and Pineapple

LKR රැ. 1000.00



Per Plate

Buttered Carrots                                                            LKR 400.00

Vegetable Chop-suey                                                    LKR 450.00

Garlic Cabbage                                                               LKR 400.00

Buttered Mixed Vegetables                                          LKR 475.00                    


All Prices are subject to 10% service charge